NAR Triennial Code of Ethics Requirement

Current Cycle: January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2024

Existing 房地产经纪人® members must complete 2.5小时的道德培训, meeting specific learning objectives and criteria, within three-year cycles in order to maintain 房地产经纪人® membership with the National Association of 房地产经纪人® (NAR).
将您的COE证书发送给我们 检查当前的COE状态

房地产经纪人® who have joined the association after January 1, 2022 - AND - have completed the required New Member Code of Ethics training, are seen as having fulfilled this training requirement. Members who have not met the Code of Ethics requirement must complete the training by December 31, 2024, in order to continue their membership with the Association.

Failure to complete the required periodic ethics training shall be considered a violation of membership duties; for which, 房地产经纪人® membership shall be suspended until such time as the required training has been completed.

Two options are available for completing Code of Ethics:

  • The online program offered through NAR can be accessed by 点击这里. Login information for the NAR website: Upon applying for membership, you were assigned a National 房地产经纪人® 数据库系统ID. This is commonly referred to as your NRDS ID. You will need this in order to create an account and register 对于在线课程.
  • The in-class program is approximately 3 hours in length and does provide you with CE credit in addition to fulfilling the new membership responsibilities. For a list of dates and to register, please 点击这里.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation! If you have any questions regarding this training or any other membership questions, 你可联络我们的 立博体育赛事部.

Reporting Your Ethics Training

If you would like to check your Ethics requirement status, please log in to your 立博体育赛事帐户. This information is displayed on the Member Dashboard in your profile box. It will indicate 'Yes' or 'No' next to 'COE Complete' for the current 2022-2024 cycle.

Please Note: While instructors and schools report continuing education credits directly to the Georgia Real E状态 Commission, they normally do not report NAR's COE requirement on your behalf. This is because students may hold memberships at different Associations/Boards, making it difficult to determine which Association should receive your attendance record.

If you have completed the training program on or after January 1, 2022, but your status does not reflect this on your profile, please send an email containing a PDF or screenshot as proof, to the 立博体育赛事部 so that we may update our records. If you are unable to locate a completion certification and you received Georgia 继续教育 Credit, then you can log in to your account at www.grec.状态 要访问信息. Once you are logged in, you can save as a PDF or take a screenshot of the information. Please be sure to include the course title, date of completion, and your full name.