The safety of our members is always a top priority for our Association. We are committed to helping our members stay safe while on the job, at home, and on the road.


Find a wide variety of safety tips, resources, and products from NAR specifically for brokers and REALTORS®. Visit REALTOR® Magazine Online for a collection of safety features, an interactive safety quiz, and other information.

Materials for your safety campaign or training include training instructions and talking points, handouts, graphics, customizable articles, and valuable tips to help agents stay safe on the job, on the road, and at home.

As a REALTOR®, it's important you have a personal safety protocol in place that you use every day with every client, such as meeting clients, showing properties, and sharing information online. There are a variety of tools you can adopt in your personal safety protocol, such as the smartphone apps and safety products.

'Stay Safe in 5' Video Series

The Atlanta REALTORS® Association (ARA), in conjunction with the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) are proud to present a new video series, 'Stay Safe in 5.' Realtors® often find themselves in vulnerable situations that can leave them open to attack… think open houses or meeting clients at vacant homes. ARA works throughout the year to promote resources created through NAR that help agents deter predators and avoid dangerous situations. Even when these evasive techniques are utilized by agents, there is still a potential that they may find themselves in a life-threatening situation. This series aims to educate real estate agents on tactical maneuvers to use, if the unthinkable should happen!


ARA applied to receive a grant through NAR to help us raise members' awareness of the risks associated with the real estate industry. We know that agents are busy professionals and often do not take the time to go through the vast resources and attend educational opportunities created to keep them safe. We partnered with a two local detectives, Captain Ken Malcom and Captain Philip Bradford, who teach Safety courses through our school, the Capitus Real Estate Learning Center to develop a series of brief videos that could save your life!